HTML Intro

HTML Intro – Forms

HTML forms give you the ability to ask for information from your viewers and then be able to do something with the values. HTML forms are a single component of what is required to build […]

MySQL Introduction (NEW)

MySQL – PHP Prepared Statements

Prepared statements help prevent SQL Injection attacks. Essentially they send a template for your SQL Statement, and then inserts the variables separately. This prevents hackers from escaping out of the original SQL statement and being […]

MySQL Introduction (NEW)

MySQL – MySQL Introduction

MySQL is a useful and widely used open source database Basics A Database Software stores data so that it is easily accessible Relational Databases store Like  Data in Tables and those Tables are then  How […]

Cloud Computing (NEW)

Cloud Computing – Load Balancing

Reasons for Load Balancing Fault Tolerance – Load Balancing offers fault tolerance incase a server fails. Server Upgrades – It’s easier to upgrade hardware if you can take entire machines offline without effecting user experience. […]

Cloud Computing (NEW)

Cloud Computing – Abstraction

Abstraction is the concept of dividing specific functions of a server into their own individual systems. Much like subcontracting janitorial, or security services out for a building owner. Virtualization Compute – Provided by hardware with […]

Linux - Introduction

Linux – Vim

Vim is a text editor that is included with Ubuntu that allows you to modify configuration files. To Create a Text File Simply type vim filename Capitalization matters. test.txt, Test.txt, and TEST.TXT are different […]

Linux - Introduction

Linux – Is Linux Open Source?

Everyone knows that Linux is “Open Source”! But what does that really mean? Open Source means different things to different people, and more importantly there are different licenses that are covered under the Open Source […]

Linux - Introduction

Linux – Best Distribution

Finding the best distribution of Linux for your personal use and for your organization is important. As with much in the tech world you should be thinking more about what questions to answer rather than […]

Linux - Introduction

Linux – Introduction

Understanding Linux is a must in the modern world as a technology professional. Whether you’re building IoT projects, or simply managing websites Linux will many times be your go to operating system of choice. What […]