Cloud Computing – Client/ Server Architecture

Client/ Server Architecture is an Infrastructure style where Client Computers receive Services from Servers.

  • Servers are composed of the Physical Machine, the Server Operating System, Services Software and Configurations.
  • Clients are composed of the Physical Device, the Client Operating System, and the Client Application.
  • In Client/ Server Architecture not only are you responsible for the services, but also the operating systems, hardware, and networking.
  • Client/ Server Architecture worked very well when users only had one device, and everything was on the same network. As remote working, and then the explosion in devices per user had occurred Client/ Server Architecture has become more difficult to manage and maintain.
  • When future proofing your infrastructure you should think about what services, such as email, can be offloaded to cloud providers, which servers should be virtualized, and which should be moved offsite using colocation or MaaS.

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