Programming Intro – Introduction to Programming

What is Programming?

  • Programming and Coding generally mean the same thing
  • Programming is simply telling computers to perform actions
  • Programs can range from a calculator app to a full fledged operating system

Why is Programming Important for IT Professionals?

  • Modern administration of systems requires either scripting languages, or configurations that are close to a full fledged programming language
  • Cloud Functions, Azure Functions and Serverless Architecture requires coding skills to be able to use.

What’s the Best Programming Language?

  • Programming languages are like any other software where specific products are best for specific tasks. You use Swift to code for iOS just like you use Word to write an essay.
  • Ask yourself what problem you are trying to solve, and what environment you are in

Where to Learn to Code?

  • Self Study Piece Meal – is good if you know what you need and are willing to copy/paste code to just get something up and running
  •  Self Study Programs – are good as a cheap way to get a decent understanding of coding
  • Bootcamps – are good for professionals that need to retrain
  • College – is good if you have no idea what in “computers” you actually want to do

Be Around Other Coders…

  • The best way to get hired is to be chatting over a beer…
  • Going to tech events and seeing other people’s code is a good way to improve your own syntax and style
  • You can find projects to help out on

CEO’s Want to See Drive!!!

  • Development companies want to see that interviewees are motivated more than specific education and credentials
  • If you can’t build applications fro someone else build them for your own portfolio

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