Cloud Computing – Load Balancing

Reasons for Load Balancing

  • Fault Tolerance – Load Balancing offers fault tolerance incase a server fails.
  • Server Upgrades – It’s easier to upgrade hardware if you can take entire machines offline without effecting user experience.
  • Hardware Performance – having as few users on a single server as possible will provide users with the best experience
  • Network Performance – Users can be routed to the servers that are physically closest to them
  • A/B Testing – New server configurations can be tested easily

Types of Load Balancing

  • Hardware – Load Balancing Hardware is networking equipment you would install in your data center to route traffic to your servers
  • Built In – Many products have Load Balancing built into them such as Microsoft Active Directory
  • As a Service – Companies such as Cloudflare now provide Load Balancing services for your internet connected servers.

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