MySQL – Add Records and Search Tables (insert, select)

  • Insert into table(column1, column2) values(‘value1’,’value2’); – Inserts records into Table. TEXT type values need single quotation marks ‘ ‘.
  • Select * from table; – Selects ALL records from table and displays ALL columns
  • Select * from table order by column; – Selects all records, shows all columns and then orders by column.
  • Select * from table order by column desc – Changes ordering to be depending.
  • Select * from table where column = ‘x’; – Shows records where the value in column equals what is requested. For number values you can use = <> conditions and more.
  • Select column1,column2 from table; – Only displays data from specified columns
  • Select column1, column2 from table where column = ‘x’ order by column; – Shows specific columns where ‘x’ is true and is ordered by a column.

Setup MySQL Lab:

show databases;

create database classDB;

use classDB;

Create table users(
name TEXT,
age INT,
gender TEXT

show tables;

desc users;

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