Linux – FTP Server Setup (vsftpd)

FTP allows you to upload, download files and perform basic file and directory tasks. FTP is a technology not a single product so there are numerous pieces of server and client software that can be used.

Networking Considerations

  • FTP uses Port 21 by default so security software and hardware has to allow traffic on Port 21.
  • If using VirtualBox or other virtualization software you have to make sure Host can communicate with Virtual Machine. In VirtualBox change network settings to “Bridged Adapter”

Install vsftpd

  • sudo systemctl status vsftpd – Check status of vsftp service or if it is installed
  • sudo apt-get install vsftpd – Install vsftpd FTP server
  • Base installation of vsftpd allows user accounts to access server with an FTP client and download files.
  • sudo vim /etc/vsftpd.conf – Edit vsftpd.conf file to allow write privileges over FTP.
    • Remove # from infant of write_enable=YES
    • sudo systemctl restart vsftpd – Restart vsftpd to make configuration changes active

Home Directories for Users are configured in /etc/passwd file. This can be modified.

Remember to consider security in regards to permissions and user accounts.


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