Linux – Install Ubuntu Desktop in VirtualBox

Installing Ubuntu Desktop in VirtualBox gives techs the ability to learn Linux with a GUI.

Hardware Requirements

  • In general I would recommend your host computer has 16GB of RAM and an SSD. 8GB of RAM, or even less, will work but you may run into issues.
  • Make sure you know the hardware requirements of the server OS. Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS requires 2GB of RAM, and 25GB of Storage.

Display Resolution

  • The default resolution is 800 x 600 which is difficult to view. To Change Click on Arrow in Upper Right Hand Corner of Screen -> Click Toolbox Icon -> Select Devices near bottom of Settings List -> Grab top of Options Box and shift box to view Resolution options -> Select Resolution and Click Apply.

Installation ISO

  • The LTS stands for Long Term Support and means Canonical will support this version for 5 years.
  • Connect the downloaded ISO to your Virtual Machine by going to Settings -> Storage -> Select EMPTY under Controller: IDE -> Click Circle Icon to the left side of the Optical Drive drop down box.
  • Installation ISO automatically disconnects after installation.

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