Linux – SSH for Remote Administration

SSH allows you to remotely administer Linux Servers

  • SSH is a Client/ Server System.
  • SSH requires Port 22 to be accessible
  • Change Network setting in VirtualBox to “Bridged Adapter”
  • Install OpenSSH Server on your Linux System
  • Use a Client application to connect to the server. MacOS has SSH built into the terminal application. PuTTY is a good SSH app for Windows. there are a number of client apps for Android and iOS.
  • sudo systemctl status sshd – Check status of OpenSSH Service on Ubuntu
    • sudo service sshd status – Also works to check on OpenSSH Service status
  • sudo apt install openssh-server – Install OpenSSH Server on Ubuntu
  • ifconfig – Shows you the IP address off your Linux Server
  • ssh username@ipaddress – Connect to SSH Server using Terminal in MacOS

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