Cloud Computing – Abstraction

Abstraction is the concept of dividing specific functions of a server into their own individual systems. Much like subcontracting janitorial, or security services out for a building owner.


  • Compute – Provided by hardware with Hypervisor software installed
  • Storage – SAN’s or other storage service store the data and virtual machines
  • OS – Operating Systems are installed in Virtual Machine files that can be moved like any other file
  • DRaaS – Services such as Disaster Recovery are provided by online services

SDN – Software Defined Networking

  • Hardware – Routers, Switches and other networking equipment is “dumb” and receives all configurations from a Management Server
  • Management Server – manages all rules, logs, and controls network devices
  • Rules – written in Python or other languages the rules can offer fine tuned configurations that can route traffic by individual devices, users, and even based on outside conditions.

Serverless Architecture

  • Code – is stored on a basic server and makes calls to other services
  • Compute – services are now accessed without dealing with the underlying Operating Systems. You call an “encode” service that encodes your video instead of dealing with a Windows Server with ffmpeg.
  • Storage – is simply a bucket offered by AWS or AZURE
  • Authentication – even services such as authentication can be made through API calls instead of dealing with Active Directory.

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