HTML Intro – What is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML allows for formatting a multimedia document that can be read by different vendors browsers. Before HTML documents were locked into the format of the word-processor they were created in.

Different browsers display HTML differently. This used to be a problem to the degree that certain tags only worked on certain browsers. Now it’s not as major an issue, but websites should be viewed on numerous browsers to verify they work how you want them to.

HTML uses TAGS to state how a document should be formatted. <TITLE> states what the name of the page is, and <H1> or <P> say how text should be formatted in a paragraph.

HTML doesn’t require a server to view. You can simply save an HTML document to your computer and view it.

You can create HTML document within simple text editor (NotePad, TextEdit, gEdit) just save the file with an .htm or .html extension

Multiple languages are required to build a full fledged website. HTML is used as the bones of the site, CSS it used to make the site pretty, JavaScript is used for functionality such as drop down menus, and PHP/Python?Ruby are used to receive or send data from a server.

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