Programming Intro – Best Programming Language

People want to know the “best” programming language, but every language has a purpose and it’s own place.

  • To find YOUR best programming language determine what your own problems in technology are, and talk to people about what languages are in demand your area.
  • Markup Languages
    • HTML – basically forms the bones of web apps
    • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets are used for formatting HTML pages.
    • XML – Is used to send data to web applications. Podcasts use XML for their RSS feeds.
  • PHP
    • Most common server scripting language on shared hosting platforms
    • PHP has been used for approx. 20 years and a huge amount of web apps are built with it.
  • Python
    • Best for Modern IT Professionals.
    • Can build everything from GUI desktop apps, to server maintenance apps, and web apps.
    • Is very compatible with API’s and Cloud Services.
  • Javascript/ Node.js
    • Javascript is a client side scripting language that has been around for a long time.
    • Generally used for interactive features on a webpage
    • Has been expanded for a number of uses, and even has a server side option in Node.js.
  • Swift
    • You need it to develop iOS apps…’nuff said
  • Java
    • Java allows code to be written once, and be able to run on many Operating Systems
    • Java is required for Android development
  • C#
    • C# was created specifically for coding in the Microsoft Stack
  • C/C++
    • Allows you to code sophisticated code for operating systems such as device drivers.
    • Generally the uses are too advanced for new coders without a solid plan.

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