MySQL – MySQL Introduction

MySQL is a useful and widely used open source database


  • A Database Software stores data so that it is easily accessible
  • Relational Databases store Like  Data in Tables and those Tables are then 

How to get MySQL

Why Use MySQL

  • Back end for WordPress, ZDrupal many apps
  • Available on Hosting Plans
  • Easy, and well known

How to use MySQL

  • Command line – MySQL has a command line interface
  • Front End – Phpmyadmin offers a GUI front end for MySQL Administration
  • Coding _ languages like PHP allow to write code to interact with the database

SQL – Structured Query Language

  • SQL is the language you use to communicate with the database
  • SELECT * FROM Users = Retrieve ALL Records from Table named USERS
  • SELECT Name,Age FROM Users ORDER BY Age = Retrieve Name and Age Values from Users Table and Sort by Age
  • w3schools –

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