MySQL – Install LAMP Server for MySQL Labs (tasksel)

This class will show you how to build a lab for the further MySQL classes. You will use the tasksel app to install the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache MySQL, PHP) on Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.

Note: Some people may disagree with building a LAMP server with tasksel, but for a testing lab it is the easiest most reliable way to get a functional LAMP box.

  • Start with a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop (The GUI one)
    • Make sure to give 4GB of RAM to the virtual machine
  • update – Update the OS
  • sudo apt-get install tasksel – Go to terminal and install tasksel
  • sudo tasksel – Run tasksel
    • Select LAMP -> Tab to OK and hit Enter
  • sudo mysql – Starts MySQL and logs you in as root
  • show databases; – shows default databases
  • use mysql; – Enter mysql database
  • show tables; – Shows tables in mysql database
  • desc user; – Shows columns in user table
  • select user from user; – Lists user field from records in user table
  • exit – Exits mysql

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