Cloud Computing – Colocation Datacenters

Colocation Datacenters allow you to rent space for your servers to run. You can rent from 1U of space to a dozen 42U racks for your equipment. Colocation facilities allow you to run your equipment in a certified datacenter environment even if your employees work in your basement.


  • Space – You can rent from a single U to a Full Rack for your equipment
  • Power – Datacenter provide a number of Amps of total power. This can be as low as 1. Make sure your equipments power draw matches with what you are purchasing.
  • Networking – You will have options for Speed, Total Bandwidth Usage, number of IP Addresses, and use of specific Routing Protocols.
  • Security – If you rent a single U in a rack then other tenets will have physical access to your equipment. Renting a Half Rack or Full Rack generally gives you the ability to physically lock your rack. For more security many datacenters will build cages to contain all of your equipment.
  • Tech Support – Some datacenters provide basic support services such as power cycling equipment, or hooking up an IP KVM to your servers if they fail to boot into an OS.

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