A+ Computer Cooling

Class Notes: Is Cooling Important? Cooling is most important for servers, gaming systems and any computers that will be running hard for significant amounts of time. CPU’s, GPU’s and other components will automatically turn off […]


A+ Computer Cases

Class Notes: Case Types Tower Desktop Rack Mediacenter Case Sizes ATX Micro ATX Mini ITX Cooling Grill size and fan mounts Small Grills can get clogged with dust Hidden Grills can capture hair like a […]


Qysea FiFish P3

Class Notes: FiFish P3 comprises a submersible drone, tether, remote control unit and smartphone app Long tethers may become caught in underwater obstructions Visibility even in “clear” water may be less than expected. https://www.qysea.com/product.html


A+ What Is A Computer?

Class Notes: IO Input/ Output Can be not just a keyboard and monitor, but a temperature sensor and an audible alarm CPU – Processing The “brain” of the computer GPU are processors specific to graphics […]


A+ Tools

Class Notes: The Bag Something big enough to carry everything you need ALWAYS have it with you Screw Drivers I prefer a set of screw drivers vs. a single driver with swappable heads Quality matters […]


A+ Safety

 Class Notes: Jewelry and Clothing Take off rings and jewelry before working on electronics Try not to wear loose clothing Have a Dust Mask and Safety Glasses Electricity Electricity can kill or cause real […]


A+ Troubleshooting Procedures

Class Notes: Present Yourself Well Groom Yourself Brush Your Teeth Shower/ Deodorant (Not too much) Clothes should be well kempt and clean Smoking Smell bothers many people Your Physical Condition matters Be Respectful and Professional. […]


A+ Introduction

Class Notes: What is the A+ Certification from CompTIA Vendor Neutral Certification for Desktop Support NOT a requirement for MS or Cisco certs What’s the A+ For? Basic PC Maintenance and configuration Desktop Support Jobs […]