A+ Computer Cases

Class Notes:

Case Types

  • Tower
  • Desktop
  • Rack
  • Mediacenter

Case Sizes

  • ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX


  • Grill size and fan mounts
  • Small Grills can get clogged with dust
  • Hidden Grills can capture hair like a vacuum
  • Keep side on your PC.  New PC’s require specific airflow within the case.

Clear Sides and Appearance

  • Appearance matters now
  • Do you want people to see you cable run-in in the PC?

Drive Bays

  • How many hard drives/ optical drives will you need


  • Ability to swap many components without using screw driver

Build Quality

  • “Cheap feeling”
  • Sharp metal can cut your
  • Lining up components and crew holes
  • Thin paint can scratch while you are assembling the system

Final Thoughts

  • Form and function. go together
  • Think about swapping components in a server or PC into a better functioning case

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