A+ Computer Cooling

Class Notes:

Is Cooling Important?

  • Cooling is most important for servers, gaming systems and any computers that will be running hard for significant amounts of time.
  • CPU’s, GPU’s and other components will automatically turn off computer if they get too hot
  • Heat can cause weird issues such as freezing, random shutdowns, and things like the mouse pointer jumping around the screen.

Spec’ing Your System

  • Make sure you use hardware that’s appropriate for the use case.  You don’t need a 1080ti on a computer used for email.


  • Systems can only cool to ambient temperature.  If the room is 90 degrees it will be more difficult to keep the PC cool.
  • Don’t put the computer in a closed cabinet without cooling
  • Don’t put servers in closed closets without ventilation

Airflow in cases

  • Make sure the case is built with good airflow
  • “Cool” looking cases may compromise airflow

Heat Sinks

  • Stock heatsinks are generally fine
  • If overclocking you may want an upgraded heat sink and fan
  • Think about fanless heat sinks for servers and always on appliances

Liquid Cooling

  • Liquid cooling is generally only needed for gaming.
  • Make sure the case is built to handle liquid cooling
  • Liquid cooling adds another point of failure

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