A+ Tools

Class Notes:

The Bag

  • Something big enough to carry everything you need
  • ALWAYS have it with you

Screw Drivers

  • I prefer a set of screw drivers vs. a single driver with swappable heads
  • Quality matters

USB Optical Drive

  • USB DVD/CD drive to reinstall operating systems and install old software

Canned Air

  • Good for cleaning out heatsinks and fans

Hard Drive Dock

Flash Drive

  • Used for Utilities and Updates

Portable Hard Drive

  • Used to migrate data

Label Maker

  • No one can read your handwriting!


  • Should have Wired NIC and Wireless for network testing
  • Buy something cheap and near disposable
  • For security DO NOT use your personal laptop for work


  • SmartPhone tethering is good incase internet does not work.
  • Unlimited Data
  • USB Wireless NIC for tethering for security

Known Good Parts

  • Power Supply
  • Video Card
  • NIC
  • Wireless NIC

Other Stuff

  • Wire Toner
  • Wire Tester
  • Punch Down Tool
  • Cable Crimper
  • Telephone Butt Set


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