Linux – Add, Delete and Modify Users (adduser, deluser, passwd, chfn)

Managing Users on Linux systems is very easy.

Add Users

  • sudo adduser username – adds users
  • Additional profile information is not required, but a comment is a good idea.

Delete Users

  • sudo deluser username – deletes the user, but not the profile folder
  • sudo rm -rf /home/username – deletes profile folder

User Account File

  • vim /etc/passwd – allows you to view the user account file

Changing Passwords

  • passwd – changes your pasword
  • sudo passwd username – changes password for another account

Change User Profiles

  • sudo chfn username – changes profile information for user accounts.

Locking Accounts and Other Tasks

  • sudo usermod -option username – allows you make some additional changes to user account abilities such as locking and unlocking accounts.

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