Linux – Shells and Desktop Enviornments

In Linux you can use numerous shells and Desktop Environments in order to interact with your system.

Shells and Desktop Environments 

  • Shells are the software you use to directly interact with the operating system.
  • Generally “shells” refer to command line shells.
  • Desktop Environments are GUI shells with the added functionality and software that make up what users think of as a Desktop operating System.

Command Line Shells


  • XFCE is a very lightweight Desktop Environment that looks like something from the 90’s


  • KDE is a modern Desktop Environment with a large amount of resources and tools.


  • GNOME 3 is a modern Desktop Environment that is the default from some distributions.


  • Mate is the continuation of GNOME 2. Some users preferred GBNOME 2 over GNOME 3 and so kept maintaining it as Mate.

Ubuntu Touch

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