Arduino ArduCam – Save Images to SD Card

The ArduCam can store pictures to an SD for your Arduino projects.


  • In memorysaver.h set the ArduCam and module that you are using.
  • ArduCam uses SPI and I2C so the SD Module or Shield must allow for it work work properly. The standard SD Shield works, but an SD module may not.
  • The SD_CS pin needs to be set to what is sued for the SD Shield/ Module. The standard is 10, but the sketch is set to 9 and must be edited.
  • Example used in Demo was – ArduCam_Mini_2MP_Plus_Multi_Capture2SD
  • Remember that the JPEG pictures are named based off of standard numbering starting with 1 everytime the Arduino resets. If you reboot your Arduino the new pictures will overwrite the old ones.




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