PHP – Comments

Commenting code allows you to add notations to you script to explain why it was written how it was. You can also use commenting to keep specific code from running during troubleshooting.


/* This is a multiline

//This is a Single Line Comment

//Creating Variables
$string = “Hello World”;
$int = 1;
$float = 2.2;
//Creating Variables with Bad Data
$garbage = $FLOAT + $int;
$garbage2 = $string + $int;

//Outputting Good Varibles
print “<h1>String</h1>”;
print $string;
print “<h1>Int</h1>”;
print $int;
print “<h1>Float</h1>”;
print $float;
//Ouputting Variables with Bad Data
print “<h1>Garbage (Capitalization Error)</h1>”;
print $garbage;
print “<h1>Garbage2 (Adding a String)</h1>”;
print $garbage2;


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