Apple HomePod Unboxing

The Apple HomePod is Apple’s version of a smart speaker.  I purchased one because: I’m already in the Apple ecosystem, I already use Apply Music, and I was looking for a good speaker for my […]


A+ Storage

Class Notes: Filesystems and OS Max size of partitions Block size and efficiency Interfaces IDE – 133 MBps – 2 drives per controller SATA – 600MBps – 1 drive per controller SCSI – 640MBps – […]


A+ Motherboards

Class Notes: Model # and Documentation Motherboards are “paint by numbers” find the documentation to see what will fit on the board, and what connectors are. Form Factors Motherboards have standard sizes – ATX – […]


A+ Computer Cooling

Class Notes: Is Cooling Important? Cooling is most important for servers, gaming systems and any computers that will be running hard for significant amounts of time. CPU’s, GPU’s and other components will automatically turn off […]