Windows Server 2012

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  • Ali mottabi says:

    Dear Eli my name is ali and im from dubai I would really like to express my thanks to you but if i start ill fill this whole page :) i prefer send you a direct email so when ever you have time you can read my boring story things about what I learned from you and how it help me improve in my career,thank you and god bless you in this life and the life after, I have a request that I hope in the early future we can watch classes about fiber optic cables and how to make them and so on, and videos about data center,forefront, TMG , UAG. Thanks again peace

  • Naresh Aligeti says:

    Very Very Helpful

  • Naftaly says:

    you’re just awesome man….Now feel I know a lot within a short time.Thanks

  • Kamal says:

    Hey! I’m Kamal I want to know how to make our server

  • Rivers says:

    Eli, I love your videos. I’m preparing for certification, MCSE. I was wondering if you could tell me if there is any mapping between your videos and the MCSE exams or maybe even the Sam’s Unleashed book. In other words, if I’m preparing for the 70-410 exam is there an easy way to know which videos to focus on? I know that MS will potentially hit questions on about anything but I was hoping you migh have some direction.

  • Anil says:

    very nice videos.

  • don says:

    dude this is the bomb!!! just awesome…. many thanks man

  • mark says:

    Hello Master Eli you are such a great man and a great teacher wow i do always enjoy your class please i have some questions on windows server 2012.

    1: Am having a network problem my T-mobile modem keep disconnecting and i we need to change pug in port before it will shows network access if i don’t change the port the yellow sign will show up on the network icon

    2: i bought A new domain. web host and email server from godaddy please i need want know how to forward this to my windows server 2012.

    3: which antivirus can you advice me to use on my windows server 2012.


  • Raj says:

    Hi Eli How are You?
    You are a great teacher and I learnt a lot from your classes. Could you please let me know how to install exchange 2013 in server 2012 and all the things needs to setup before and after in computer installing exchange or computer which will handle the exchange ( domain and the computer installing exchange).

    Thanks and I will be waiting for your class on this topic I tried others but no luck you are the best.


  • Erik says:

    Eli, you’re da man !!! How can you make a 500+ pages book so simple ? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    Keep going on !
    An oversea fan (from Paris, France ;) )

  • Erik says:

    Another post ;) Another need ! If somehow you have a way to introduce us with Netapp and/or EMC technologies (using simulators, or another way i don’t even suspect), please do so !
    A huge thanks, once again !
    Hugs !

  • emmanuel says:

    Hi Eli,I am Emmanuel John from Tanzania.You are really great Teacher in the World i never seen Before.God bless u for helping online tutorials.

  • ananthraj says:

    Eli any tutorials of Microsoft exchange please

  • turana says:

    Hi Eli You make things look so easy with your videos. Look forward to more of your videos to help me with my server 2012 MCSA certification.

  • Amitabh Das says:

    Thanks Eli for your valuable videos

  • Oluwafemmy Emman says:

    Thanks alot Your videos are very good materials for the 70-410 exam however can you please start on the 70-411 and 70-412 materials as well please. That would be really cool.

    Thank you very much

  • Raj,sg says:

    Hi Eli , whenever I got free time, I used to watch movie, music videos. After watching your video for MCSA 2012, I spend more time learning through your videos , the basics . Your ability to explain and simplify the subject is GREAT. Amazing teaching skills you have. . . God bless. . .

  • Morteza says:

    Hello Eli I’m an Afghan boy and English is not my first language but your ability in teaching is really great, and I can get it completely.
    I really appreciate your job, God bless you

  • Mohit Sharma Attri says:

    will u plz upload some videos on cisco routers

  • Steve Bridge says:

    I am on board with Raj on this one, Eli. Your ability to present and simplify… you are able to identify with the beginner in a way that most instructors aren’t able to.

    Very, very much appreciated!

    If you’re ever in Phoenix…..

  • praveenvvas says:

    ELI Rocks

  • deo says:

    Hi Eli, great videos. Will you be adding some more classes on Windows Server 2012? I hope you get to go through some more advance stuffs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. More power!

  • Venuvinodan says:

    Eli, you are a great teacher, you
    explain complex issues in a simple way everybody can understand. Hats off, I
    salute your knowledge and methods.
    Of course you are younger than me,
    but God vested infinite talent on you, make me consider you as GURU. We Indians
    consider ‘Guru’ (teacher) as similar to GOD.

  • Kabir Ahmed says:

    Hi Mr. Eli,

    Really you are great Teacher, I have never seen before.God bless you for helping online tutorials.
    Can you please upload tutorials with more configuration detail.

  • Amar says:

    Great Job – Your method of teaching is outstanding.
    Thanks – Amar

  • Steve says:

    Great videos Eli. Any plans to do a class on Exchange Server? I think it would help a lot of people. Some lessons on supporting mail for clients, Exchange or a cloud service?

  • Ruchira says:


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