PHP Programming (NEW)

PHP – if Statements

If Statements allow you to trigger code if specific conditions are met.   <?php $age = 20; print “Your Age is $age”; print “<br>”; if ($age < 18) { print “you too YOUNG”; } ?>

PHP Programming (NEW)

PHP – Comments

Commenting code allows you to add notations to you script to explain why it was written how it was. You can also use commenting to keep specific code from running during troubleshooting.   <?php /* […]

PHP Programming (NEW)

PHP – Setting Variables

Variables in PHP can be set without needing to be declared.   <?php $string = “Hello World”; $int = 1; $float = 2.2; print “<h1>String</h1>”; print $string; print “<h1>Int</h1>”; print $int; print “<h1>Float</h1>”; print $float; […]

PHP Programming (NEW)

PHP – Why Learn…

Why should you learn PHP when there are two many “better” languages available? It’s easy to learn. You can build practical web apps within a week of starting. Finally a huge number of legacy web […]

PHP Programming (NEW)

PHP – What is…

PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor. This essentially means that PHP dynamically writes web pages for you. So it can query a database and print a report from it, or change CSS and such based on […]

What is

XAMPP – What is…

XAMPP is a package that installs Apache, MariaDB, PHP and Perl onto Windows, Linux or Mac. It is a very simple way to get a web development environment up and running with little knowledge.

What is

LAMP Server – What is…

LAMP Servers are the standard build for web servers. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This gives you the operating system, http server, database server and PHP scripting language.

What is

Subdomains in DNS – What are…

Subdomains are prefixes to domain names that allow administrators to provide different web services to users, but do so using the same namespace so that it is easier to remember. Such as,,… […]

What is

MX Record – What is…

MX Records (Mail Exchange) are DNS records that are used to route email to email servers. You can have numerous MX Records posting to different email servers to prevent loss of email due to downtime. […]

What is

Deplatforming – What is…

Deplatforming is when people are removed from the platforms that they use for communication. The relevance is expanding as not just Social Networking sites, but also PayPay and GoDaddy have started to proactively remove accounts.

What is

Doxxing – What is…

Doxxing is when personal information is released about people online. More than the act of doxxing itself, the more damaging component is the call to actions that accompany doxxing.

What is

DNS Registrar – What is…

A DNS Registrar is authorized by ICANN to sell domain names. They essentially do the admin work required for the Domain Name System. Registrars have become important because they are private companies and they have […]


Apple HomePod Unboxing

The Apple HomePod is Apple’s version of a smart speaker.  I purchased one because: I’m already in the Apple ecosystem, I already use Apply Music, and I was looking for a good speaker for my […]


A+ Computer Cooling

Class Notes: Is Cooling Important? Cooling is most important for servers, gaming systems and any computers that will be running hard for significant amounts of time. CPU’s, GPU’s and other components will automatically turn off […]


A+ Computer Cases

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Qysea FiFish P3

Class Notes: FiFish P3 comprises a submersible drone, tether, remote control unit and smartphone app Long tethers may become caught in underwater obstructions Visibility even in “clear” water may be less than expected.


A+ What Is A Computer?

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A+ Tools

Class Notes: The Bag Something big enough to carry everything you need ALWAYS have it with you Screw Drivers I prefer a set of screw drivers vs. a single driver with swappable heads Quality matters […]


A+ Introduction

Class Notes: What is the A+ Certification from CompTIA Vendor Neutral Certification for Desktop Support NOT a requirement for MS or Cisco certs What’s the A+ For? Basic PC Maintenance and configuration Desktop Support Jobs […]