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So I went ahead and tested our connection using an "Emulated PS2" on my computer and the connection works. So…View comment
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I would delete this whole thread, and the OP for being socially retarded personallyView comment
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The compost heap attracts the fliesView comment
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So.... you're willing to make the blanket statement that out of all the billions of videos and billions of hours…View comment
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There is no Child Porn on youtube, only tasteless videos that people are offended by.…View comment
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Yahoo answers typically. But you could also just rephrase the questions in a way that's not about hacking or…View comment
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I don't know if it sounds to good to be true. In fact it sounds horrible to give away a…View comment
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Thanks, i agree the lack of information was disturbing. Being as it was a facebook advertisement i'm sure it…View comment
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LOL this has already been featured hasn't it? MyBad Noticed the recent post just after I posted…View comment
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Dear Eli, Thanks for your comment. Do you have advice where I could ask this question? I'm…View comment
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