A+ What Is A Computer?

Class Notes:


  • Input/ Output
  • Can be not just a keyboard and monitor, but a temperature sensor and an audible alarm

CPU – Processing

  • The “brain” of the computer
  • GPU are processors specific to graphics


  • RAM is the only data that the CPU can touch


  • Long term data storage


  • Can be Wifi, LTE, Bluetooth or Ethernet


  • Can be connected to wall, or a battery


  • Heat can destroy components
  • Heat sinks dissipate heat from components
  • Fans move air through case

Motherboard/ Mainboard

  • Connects all components


  • Cases are more important then many realize.


  • Firmware is software that resides on the components themsleves
  • Firmware can be upgraded


  • Controls how motherboard controls components
  • ROM Chip stores BIOS or UEFI
  • ROM chip can be upgraded by being “flashed”
  • Settings are actually stored in  CMOS


  • The OS gives the user a working interface


  • Drivers allow the OS to talk to the hardware


  • Software are the applications you actually use such as Word or Photoshop


  1. Interesting thing I found out when I was messing around with different operating systems is that linux has a way of automatically detecting the network card while windows requires you to load a device driver onto the system. Kind of a pain in the ass when you have to go on the internet with another computer and then load the device driver from that computer to a usb drive so that you can activate the network card using the device driver on the computer that you are trying to reload windows on. At least once you get the network card up and running you can then download the other device drivers directly from the internet. But I have never had a problem with automatically detecting the network card with linux systems like ubuntu and zorin.

  2. Hi Eli,
    Your video made me an IT guy. Before watching your videos I knew nothing about IT. Now I apply for desktop jobs with full confidence.
    Thank you so very much for making IT that easy for person like me.

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