1. Was there any political pressure at the time on hosts and copywrited data? Or did they just not want to put in systems to detect copywrite data and decided just to scrap it all.

  2. On the “old news” side of it, about five or six years ago all the music files for my old bands’ MySpace pages disappeared. The songs are still listed on the band pages, but the link goes nowhere. Probably better for the world’s ears as a whole, but there are probably two or three people in the world who miss those tunes.
    At the time we uploaded those tracks, I was comfortable relying on the platform as a backup. It was mid-2000s, harddrives loved bricking and Windows XP wasn’t so good at keeping a twenty-something safe from pornog-induced malware. I wonder if YouTube is being used in the same way and how that will potentially backfire. Same as MySpace, I have live videos on YouTube from shows which are how I show friends “look, I used to play in bands!”. If I still have copies of those files, they’re buried somewhere in a basement of old drives and thumb drives. “When implied cloud storage goes wrong.”

  3. I ran across this post on reddit the other day and thought nothing of it…

    Fast forward to today and it’s conspiracy theory time.

    Has anyone previously backed up myspaces hosted music?

    So my sister dated this guy in highschool like 11 or 12 years ago and his band sang a song about her. I used to pester her with it and I tried to about a year or two ago and the song no longer plays (looks like the server it was on deleted it.) I was thinking how awesome it would be to get my hands on it again and make it her ringtone for when she calls and give her a bit more shit.

    The page is : https://myspace.com/hiokbyeband

    The song is peach tea.

    My only shot would be someone who archived all of myspaces music.

    I found a shitty YouTube video of it but still want that terrible mp3 quality.


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