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  1. Good Video. This was a good move on Apple but they reacted kinda late so they’re still getting crap for it. I’d honestly appreciate it if you also talk about what is being called the “flexgate”. You luckily probably have the 2018 model but for ppl like me who had purchased the 2016 model of MacBook Pro, we’re out of luck. It hasn’t happened to me but I’ve started to use my MacBook Pro with it being open only 90 degrees out pure fear which does really really suck for someone who’s learning programming…it just kills my passion. I wouldn’t be able to pay that much money to buy a new screen if it happens….
    I have done everything I could from sending feedback to Apple to signing the petition but I think also if you make a video it might also help by forcing Apple to respond sooner since you’re a relatively big reliable voice and a real Apple user.

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