1. Well we have the ESTA program which is the same thing, so it really is just about time.

    For reference I am both a american and European citizen. When I visited some friends in Italy in late January I used my European passport when entering and exiting Europe. When you leave for the US as a European they ask you “ESTA or Visa” (“Citizen” is a valid answer…). I would assume that it will be the same thing with the ETIAS

    Customs and Border Protection page for ESTA: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

    • I think that program is dumb too. It should be either a visa is required or not, and there are many people in the US that think this type of thing is bad for the country and the economy. Do two dumb ideas make a good one???

  2. It maybe a new naming convention to allay concerns with other people about getting visas. Weird though… why name it differently when you’re still giving the same meaning about a piece of paper that lets you in a country?

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