• this will #DESTROYSiliconValley… and probably take a chunk of the greater economy with it… I’m pissed at Silicon Valley, not suicidal… LITERALLY startups selling to the larger tech corps is the exit strategy for many of them. They have zero plan, nor many even a possibility at profitability. You rip away that exit and a hell of a lot of investment dries up over night… which means a hell of a lot startups fail… which means a hell of a lot of highly paid techs are unemployed… which means a hell of a lot of expensive mortgages are no longer tenable…

      OK… maybe she’s calling my bluff… I guess I was being melodramatic when I said “bull doze” Silicon Valley. I’m sorry… I’ll try to not overspeak in the future. JUST DON’T DO THIS!!!

      • I understand you on this, it was really just a joke. She is borderline a moron talking about doing this. I use to work for a company that got bought out and if this was a concern, we wouldn’t have sold. I would have been pissed if the government had stepped in with this bull. I made bank on my boss selling the company.

  1. I just like how she sets all them rules but says what wont change…. something that she will have no control over. If google wasn’t profitable they would have to charge for using the search engine. Or amazon will have to save on shipping and not have 2 day shipping…….

    How can she say that will stay the same she has no control over their day to day operations

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