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  1. honestly, their price parity enforcement hasn’t been that strict for the past couple years their algorithm detects insane price variances. Walmart’s the much larger offender when it comes to enforcing price parity. This news seems to be more of a gesture from recent government official threats from both aisles, if actually realized, would open up huge holes in Amazon’s arbitration agreement with major third party sellers, since the arbitration agreement is the only wall third party sellers have from becoming a class and sue amazon for a huge number of liabilities amazon doesn’t cover due to their rigid methods of reimbursing merchants.

    Amazon measures something with a laser scanner frequently mismeasures items to be 7 lbs and charges 7 lbs which results in shipping/handling overbilling by $8 per unit of 9000 units per quarter over 5 years from a single merchant, add all the merchants. Amazon can afford several individual merchants, they’ll be seriously hurt if several thousand at once.

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