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  1. No-one ever looks at the other half of the equation when talking about the holy grail of an electric car that can recharge in 5 minutes, that is how much power we need to transfer to the car in 5 minutes. I couldn’t find any mention of the battery capacity but for a 300 mile range we are probably around 70kWh. 70 * 80% = 56kWh that we need to get into the car in 5 minutes. Charging at a rate of 56kW will take an hour to charge the car. So to get your car charged in 5 minutes requires you to charge at 12 times this rate, 56kW * 12 = 672,000 watts of power for 5 minutes! Basically you require an infrastructure that can deliver 3/4 of a mega watt of power to each vehicle you wish to fast charge. And the connection to the car has to be idiot proof to boot!

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