Who Is “Eli the Computer Guy”?

I have been in tech since 1996 where I started as an Electronics Tech in the US Army. Over the years I have worked in the corporate world, as a consultant, and had a shop with 9 full time employees. When the recession hit I decided I hated managing employees and went back to college to pursue my PhD in IT. After a month and a half in graduate school I realized how bad modern tech education is and decided to create my own company where I created video classes about the tasks that IT professionals get paid good money for. Over 5 years that project went from me building and running my own video servers out of a data center to ending up being very successful using YouTube as my platform.

“YouTube” is my full time job and has been for over 3 years. At this point I am known well enough that I have been recognized and approached by followers on the street in Miami Beach, San Francisco and Georgetown which doesn’t include the people who know me at actual trade events.

The statistic that I’m most proud of from my main YouTube channel is not the subscriber count, nor the views but rather the audience retention rate. With 30K-40K views per day the Average Time per View has remained over 9 minutes for as long as YouTube has tracked the metric. The people that watch my content are not simply passive consumers. They listen to my arguments and take actions based on my advice.

Who Watches “Eli the Computer Guy”?

Marketing people always ask for my demographics and are generally unimpressed when all I can say is “Geeks”. When pressed for more I can say that they are predominately Male Geeks, but beyond that it’s hard to describe. I receive emails from CEO’s and CIO’s that say they watch my content to stay in the loop with technology. I receive messages from Managers and Professors that say they recommend my videos to their students and employees so that they can understand their jobs. I receive comments from newbies, students and such who are just trying to figure out how to make the first steps in their careers. Then there is the random Pharmacist who got tired of his network crashing all the time.

“Geeks” may not be the most articulate answer, but it’s really the only one I have.

What is the Difference Between the 2 Channels

I run 2 channels on YouTube. The main EliTheComputerGuy channel has over 400K subscribers and is the one I have been working on for a number of years. This channel is now devoted to creating the high quality classes that I became known for. There are no longer any sponsorship opportunities here.

The second channel has been created and formatted to be able to scale in regards to sponsorship opportunities. EliComputerGuyLive is more “vlog” type videos that are short, and highly focused. The titles are formatted as to be more “click baity”, and numerous videos can be create per day.


Topics for EliComputerGuyLive come from questions asked by my followers, from technology issues I run into during my course of business, and other tech topics.

What are the Stats for the Vlog Channel?

The stats for the vlog channel are still low, and our sponsorship rates reflect this. As of Dec 29, 2014 we’re getting around 3K views per day, and each video receives between 500-1000 views. The stats are growing and the Average View Time is at 61% or 5:47 per view which argues that the viewer base is actually consuming the content.

Sponsorship Packages:

Sponsorship on EliComputerGuyLive allows you to add your message to highly niche topics and buy as many, or few spots as you wish. The benefit with the opportunities we now offer is that your message will be burned into the content forever. If you buy 20 spots now, those spots will still be viewed a year, or 5 from now.

I reserve the right to refuse any sponsors. Generally we only accept tech sponsors so that viewer interest matches with sponsor offers.

I do not, and hopefully will never, do Affiliate type marketing.

Individual Vlog Sponsor

Your message will be burned into the beginning of the vlog video permanently, and your message will be included in the video description.

  • 1920 x 1080 Image and Tweet Length Shout Out burned into beginning video
  • Reasonable Length Message in Video Description with Links.

Price: $25 with Minimum 20 video purchase

Announcement Vlog

Let our audience know about your new product or offering. Give us your bullet points, links and other relevant information and Eli will create a vlog post around this with specific calls to actions.

Please Note: Eli will not endorse any product. He his happy to tell folks about a product, but will only endorse products he actually uses.

Price: $100

Final Thoughts…

If you have any questions please email me at Eli@EliTheComputerGuy.com.

I do not do formal contracts. At the end of the day it’s best if we all like each other. I’m a young guy and don’t have any interest in burning bridges due to a few bucks.

So if after paying you don’t like the results of the ad buy you can ask for the remainder of the spots that have not been used to be refunded, and if you are REALLY displeased you can ask for up to 20 spots that have already been taped to be compensated for.

Generally I prefer to be paid with a Check, but PayPal is also acceptable. I will not do money transfers, nor will I signup for any other payment processing services.

Final… Final Thought…

Please understand that I work with technology because it is a passion of mine, and I do YouTube videos because it allows me to play with tech without having to be woken up at midnight if something crashes.

I am well compensated for what I do, and sponsorship money doesn’t move the dial for me much one way of the other. The predominate reason I seek sponsors has more to do with industry credibility than it does with compensation. That’s why I don’t do out bound sales, and frankly my whole sales process kind of sucks.

Please keep this in mind if you’re interested in sponsorship. I don’t have much patience with with the selling process so please don’t expect special favors, rate reductions, or such.


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