NextFab Studio Fab Lab Style Rapid Manufacturing Facility Field Trip


  • Company: NextFab Studio
  • Date Created: August 21, 2013


The NextFab Studio is a Fab Lab style facility in Philadelphia that allows members to use a tremendous amount of industrial level technology for a small monthly membership fee.

This is a 21,000 square foot facility with full time employees that are skilled in their trades so that they can teach you both the concepts, and the best practices for using equipment.

Beyond basic education and the ability to prototype items you are also able to complete your first manufacturing runs of products that you are trying to get to market.


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Eli the Computer Guy (2030 Posts)

Eli the Computer Guy has 16 years experience in technology being the guy to fix "it". From the Army, to building out new satellite offices for the enterprise, to running his own shop with 9 full time employees Eli has real world experience with almost all systems that technicians will be working with. Eli has 1600 hours of formal technical beyond his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice on technologies ranging from Avaya PBX/ Audix to Microsoft, Red Hat Linux, MySQL, Cisco and much more.

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