Daily Blob – July 30, 2013

Eli the Computer Guy (2030 Posts)

Eli the Computer Guy has 16 years experience in technology being the guy to fix "it". From the Army, to building out new satellite offices for the enterprise, to running his own shop with 9 full time employees Eli has real world experience with almost all systems that technicians will be working with. Eli has 1600 hours of formal technical beyond his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice on technologies ranging from Avaya PBX/ Audix to Microsoft, Red Hat Linux, MySQL, Cisco and much more.

One Response to Daily Blob – July 30, 2013

  • Ramkumar says:

    sir in my network i created active directory domain but in windows i try to change the computer domain name in windows 8 but didn’t connect gives error active directory domain couldn’t contacted sir please help from this error

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