Who is Sabu?

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Sabu is infamous across the internet for his hacking ability and the fact that he eventually became an FBI informant, turning against those who he used to work with. He is notorious for his attacks on both US and Zimbabwean governments, along with a massive list of others.

He was eventually identified as Hector Montsegur on the 11th of March, 2011 in a publication known as Nameshub. Somebody known as “The Jester”. The Jester vowed to reveal the actual names and identities of the LulzSec staff, wrongly identified him as first an IT consultant based in Portugal, and then as another IT consultant called Xavier Koatico.

After the identification of Sabu online, The Jester then helped confirm and agree that Mr.Monsegur was in fact Sabu.

In early 2012, “Sabu” was identified as 28-year old Hector Xavier Monsegur, who was unemployed and was foster parent to two children. A non-graduate from Washington Irvine High School, he stayed in his grandmothers – recently passed – house in Riis, New York.

Arrested by the FBI in June 2011 in his apartment following the “Operation Payback” – a host of attacks were made on PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. He shortly after agreed to become an FBI informant, still under the guise of “Sabu”. In a bail hearing in August 2011, Assistant US Attorney James Pastore announced that “Sabu” had been working non-stop with the government to help the government catch other hackers.

In his involvement with “Operation Payback” he acted as a “rooter” where he would be the one to go in and find the chinks in the armor of the website they intended to attack. He spent time working out where it would be easiest to hurt the above websites, and left it to his “Hacktivists” – the people who done the hacking for him – would swoop in.

Shortly after this bail hearing however, “Sabu” pleaded guilty to twelve separate charges, including several counts of conspiracy to engage in hacking, and aggravated identity theft. For these crimes, he faces a possible sentence of 124 years.

During his time as an informant, he passed on the information of several other hackers who were associated with Lulzsec and Antisec, he also assisted in the arrest of James Jeffery and Ryan Cleary of the United Kingdom. Creary was charged with involvement in denial of service attacks on SOCA, as well as other websites.

“Sabu” kept up his pretense to be against the law for a long time after his co-operation began, even tweeting as late as March 2012 that he was “opposed” to government activity. However, on the 6th of March 2012 – the day of his last tweets as “Sabu” – there were five arrests made, two from the United Kingdom, two from Ireland and a USA citizen.

He was also used in the attempt to catch Nadim Kobeissi, who was the creator behind Crpytocat, but this proved fruitless.

In August 2012, the Federal Government won a delay of six-months in the case against “Sabu” as he was, at that time, still involved with the law. He is now scheduled for the 22nd of February 2013.



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