Goodbye Backtrack, Hello Kali Linux 1.0! – A Brief Walkthrough

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It looks like the development team over at Offensive Security will not be releasing a Backtrack 6, but are introducing a new more mature and polished product.

Enter Kali Linux 1.0 touting over 300 tools and a complete UI overhaul, it looks very clean and minimalistic. It was in secret development for years and has finally been released.

It’s running Debian XFCE If you are interested in getting a copy, it can be found Here. It comes with GViM as the default text editor and Ice Weasel as the default web browser.

Here is a shot of the new desktop interface (Shown Below) You may click for a larger preview!


Let’s take a look at some of the new tools and menus that have been added. The first thing you will notice is all the standard applications and accessories that you would expect to come pre-installed.  (Shown Below)


Underneath we Accessories we have Electronics, this appears to contain the Arduino IDE for development and I’m sure tinkering with Arduino boards pretty sweet! (Shown Below)


Moving right on down the list we have Graphics this has your standard Document Viewer and Image Viewer (Shown Below)


Alright, enough with the boring stuff let’s now take a look at some of the new menu’s and tools that come with Kali Linux. The first thing we will notice under “Kali Linux” is a new menu called “Top 10 Security Tools” as you would expect it contains tools like Aircrack, Hydra, Metasploit, WireShark and SQLMap etc, etc.. (Shown Below)


Just below that we have Information gathering with all kinds of different sub categories SMB Analysis, DNS Analysis, IDS/IPS Identification just to name a few. I’m not going to screen shot every sub menu as it would take forever. (Shown Below)


Moving right on down the list is Vulnerability Analysis, this has things for finding vulnerabilities in things such as databases, cisco equipment, scanners etc.. (Shown Below)


I’m not going to go through every sub menu like I said before, but I did want to show you something new. We have Hardware Hacking now this is both for Android and Arduino we now have tools to hack into Arduino boards and Android phones! (Shown Below)

Hardware Hacking

I hope you enjoyed reading this brief walkthrough of the new Kali Linux 1.0 and as always don’t be evil!

I would also like to note that while running the new OS I tested a few different wireless cards including a NetGear and an ALFA Networks wireless cards both works without a hitch, overall the new OS seems stable and responsive. Very good for a 1.0 release.



David Rucilez, aka Nullset, is the owner and operator of Nullset Computer Co. in Reno Nevada. His company focuses on supporting small and large business networking contracts. David graduated from Wright State University Ohio with a BS in Computer Science, and also holds the MCSE and CCNA certifications.

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