Online Hash Cracking In The Cloud With Cloud Cracker

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What Is It?:

Cloud Cracker is an online password cracking service for penetration testers and network auditors who need to check the security of WPA protected wireless networks, crack password hashes, or break document encryption.

This is really an excellent idea and it was only a matter of time until someone thought of the ability to crack passwords within the cloud. Yes it does cost a little bit of change but you are getting a lot for your money in my opinion :)

Tools Needed:

This website is extremely easy to use simply open a browser and direct yourself to once you are on the website you will be presented with an upload box. (Shown Below)


To begin, simply select the file type of the hash you are trying to crack whether that be WPA or NTLM or even MD5 it supports quite a bit of different encryption types even MS-CHAPV2 for cracking Point To Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). Shown Below


After we have selected the type of encryption we are going to use, we simply need to upload the hash dump file that we have. Click  “Choose File” and find your hash dump file. For demo purposes we are going to use an NTLM hash dump from a domain controller. (Shown Below)


Cloud Cracker will tell you if your hashdump file is not in the correct format, the hash dump should look like this for Windows Vista and later Administrator:500:NO PASSWORD*********************:0CB6948805F797BF2A82807973B89537::: After the file has been uploaded simply click next. You will then be greeted with the Dictionary screen (Shown Below)

dictionary options 
At the dictionary select “Default” and press next. Now we’re pretty much almost done the last screen will ask you to input your email address (So they can send you the results) and finally the payment information page. I was able to crack a single hash dump for $5 in about 10 minutes of time! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and as always, don’t be evil!



David Rucilez, aka Nullset, is the owner and operator of Nullset Computer Co. in Reno Nevada. His company focuses on supporting small and large business networking contracts. David graduated from Wright State University Ohio with a BS in Computer Science, and also holds the MCSE and CCNA certifications.

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