Reveal Credentials That Have Been Saved At Login Screens

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Today I am going to show you a simple trick to reveal hidden passwords that have been saved on a computer. A lot of people have the web browser remember their credentials for convenience with just a few simple steps we can reveal what the saved password is. Let’s take a look

Tools Needed:

  • Web Browser With Debugging (Chrome Or FireFox)

The first thing we need to do is find a page where credentials are stored in the browser for this blog we are going to use PayPal as an example. (Shown Below)


As we can see this user has saved their credentials in the web browser so that they can simply just login, but what if we needed to know what that password was? Maybe they use the same password on all of their other logins? The first thing we want to do is right click in the password field and select “Inspect Element” (Shown Below)


Once we are in the debugging console in Google Chrome we are going to look at a specific section of the code that comes up it looks like this <input type=”password” id=”login_password” name=”login_password” (Shown Below)


We are going to simply double click the “password” field next to <input type= and enter “clear text” without quotes. And Press enter(Shown Below)


After we hit enter the browser will now show the hidden password, revealing it in clear text (Show Below) This should work all saved passwords in login fields.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, and as always don’t be evil!



David Rucilez, aka Nullset, is the owner and operator of Nullset Computer Co. in Reno Nevada. His company focuses on supporting small and large business networking contracts. David graduated from Wright State University Ohio with a BS in Computer Science, and also holds the MCSE and CCNA certifications.

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