Using IMGBurn to Burn Perfect ISOs

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In this blog I am going to show you how to use IMGBurn a free tool that allows you to grab an ISO image and burn it and make it bootable. You can download IMGBurn Here: 

I use this program all the time for both burning ISO images and creating ISO images from other media. Let’s go ahead and download the program and check it out.


Burning ISO to Disc:

If you want to write an ISO image to disc all you need to do is click Write Image file to disc, once you have done that you will get a screen like the one below:


The first arrow is where you will select your ISO file. The second arrow is the drop down menu where you will select your CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive.

Once you have selected the file and destination drive click the button the red arrow is pointing to, this will begin the writing process.

Creating ISO File from Disc:

Creating an ISO file from a disc is as easily done in IMGBurn, simply click the button the arrow is pointing to below:


Once you click that you will see a screen that looks like the below:


The first arrow is the source which is the CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive you are creating the ISO from. The second arrow is the destination where the file will be written. Once that has been done, simply press the burn button (See Below)


This was just a short how-to of one of my favorite tools!

Thanks for reading!



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