Simple Windows PC Tune Up



  • Level: Beginner
  • Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
  • Date Created: January 11, 2012
  • Length of Class: 33 Minutes



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Purpose of Class

  • This class teaches students how to easily Tune Up a Windows PC.  We clean Temporary Files, Defragment the Registry, Disable Start up Items, and Uninstall Unused Software.


  1. Introduction (00:00)
  2. Overview (01:50)
  3. Demonstration (14:26)
  4. Final Thoughts (29:34)

Class Notes

  1. Introduction
    1. Windows PC’s slow down over time due to normal use.  Windows does not have effective ways to clean up the PC built in.
    2. You use specific software to perform Tune Ups of Windows PC’s.  Eli prefers CCleaner, but there are a number of options.  The main functions you need are the ability to Clean Up or Defragment the Registry, be able to Disable Start Up Items, and to be able to Clean Up Temp Files.
  2. Overview
    1. CCleaner is currently FREE to use
    2. Windows creates temporary files while you are using the computer. These files can the cause problems.  Many people have 5-10GB of temp data on their PC’s. (I have seen one client with 50+GB).  PC’s need 10% of their hard drive space to be free in order to do standard routines.  If the hard drive space goes below 1 GB of Free Space the PC can start to experience major problems.
    3. Anti Virus and Anti Malware software will scan ALL files on a PC.  You can waste significant time if the software is scanning Temp Files.
    4. The Registry is a Database in Windows that contains important configuration settings for the operating system and installed software.  Windows does not automatically clean and correct the Registry.  PC’s can slow down when the Registry tries to access files that no longer exist on the PC.  Defragmenting the Registry deletes Registry Keys that point to files that do not exist.
    5. Many pieces of Software configure the PC to start them when the PC boots up.  This makes the software seem to run quicker, but uses the systems resources and slows the boot time.  Software like Quickbooks, Adobe, and Quicktime do not need to be started when the PC boots to work properly.  By disabling these start up items the computer will boot faster, and use fewer resources.
    6. Do not disable Security Software or Printer Software from the Start Up.
    7. Many people install software that they never, and don’t uninstall it. This software can casue problems on the PC and make it run slower.  By uninstalling unused software you make sure the computer runs properly (I have seen clients with 10 Internet Explorer Toolbars Installed and they wonder why it’s a pain to use Internet Explorer)
  3. Demonstration
    1. CCleaner is currently free as of the creation of this video, but that may change.
    2. There are many options for Tune Up Software that perform the same functions as CCleaner
    3. Run the Registry Defragmenter and Temp File Cleanup Tool 3 times each to make sure everything has been cleaned up.
  4. Final Thoughts
    1. Defragmenting the Hard Drive does not do much, and on a 500GB+ Hard Drive will take a very long time.
    2. A simple Tune Up takes 5-10 minutes and can make a huge difference.
    3. Removing Viruses/ Malware is a separate task from a Tune Up.


Eli the Computer Guy (2030 Posts)

Eli the Computer Guy has 16 years experience in technology being the guy to fix "it". From the Army, to building out new satellite offices for the enterprise, to running his own shop with 9 full time employees Eli has real world experience with almost all systems that technicians will be working with. Eli has 1600 hours of formal technical beyond his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice on technologies ranging from Avaya PBX/ Audix to Microsoft, Red Hat Linux, MySQL, Cisco and much more.

9 Responses to Simple Windows PC Tune Up


    I just started watching your video online, well i stumbled across it. i am very happy now!!!!!!!! i watch your videos online and practice doing it so far so good. I went to your old web-site and saw that you have moved very happy that i got the new address. Now for the question, if i get a A+ Certifaction to get into the repair business is that bad :( I really can’t afford to go to a college right now.

  • Eli the Computer Guy says:

    Read the book for A+ but dont waste money on the certification. As someone that hired techs I can say its not worth the paper its printed on. Go for microsofts MCITP. Its 2 tests and you will prove you have skills someone cares about.

  • Duc says:

    Few weeks ago I installed Defraggler, last night I started this software, 1 day was mentioned, after 8hrs defragmentation was completed. Drive C before 118 GB, afterwards 129 GB-is this really the effect of this software? Win and Iobitdefrag told …no need for defrag…so Eli might be right or even is when recommending Defraggler.
    Beware: There is automatically the checkbox ticked …delete WinDefrag, I did not notice this, so it was deleted. This was not my intention, because I do not know the interconnections within Win7-any harm to expect?

    As I am a beginner, Eli, thanks a lot for these videos!! I am a heavy user of them-is there something I can do for you in turn, because I do not want have them as granted. I am far away abroad, so cash is not possible, working on a PC of an institution and having nothing to do with onlinebanking. I use academicearth, too, but in some cases a red screen appears, mentioning, which did not work or it is a mistake on my side..embedding…I do not know the purpose of this hurdle.
    Are there elsewhere learning-ressources?

    Kind regards,

  • MetalPuck says:

    It may be beneficial to point out that the registry cleaner gives the option to back up you registry before CCleaner executes on the registry sweep. I always make a back up copy just in case and I actually needed it once when a registry sweep accidentally removed something it shouldn’t have and it rendered certain functions inoperable. I replaced the copy of the old registry settings and it fixed the issue.

    I always use the backup option now.

    Love the videos keep it up!

  • TYRONE says:

    Your teaching skills are excellent.You could deliver the message even to a guy will average IQ

  • Theresa says:

    Thanks You so much my guru. You make life much more better for people like me

  • Duc says:


    There are numerous tools for cleaning etc. around…..are the most of them crap or compromising the OS? E. g. ACS 5 or Glary.


  • Ewan says:

    Just came across your site and I’m hooked! As was said above you have awesome teaching skills. My computer knowledge is very basic. I’ve built my own computers before, and troubleshooted basic issues. Your site is extremely informative, and easy to follow. Thank you SO MUCH for your time and work you’ve provided here for all to see!

    Happy trails,

  • John says:

    Hi Eli,great videos.
    I too was looking at getting the A+ and Network + certification (Have books etc) but I gather microsofts MCITP is better in your experience..What are the 2 tests you mention..they seem to carry a lot of different certifications?


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