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As anyone who follows me knows, I think Google AdWords is the bees knees for advertising and marketing.  Basically I pay them money, and they give me clients.  It’s really that simple.  If I want more clients, I just pay them more money.  If I want fewer clients, I pay them less money.  (If only there were other forms of advertising that worked this well…)


Imagine my consternation a couple of days ago when I my phone went quiet.  For weeks the shop had been getting a steady, almost annoying stream of phone calls for information, and then it just went silent.  At first I shrugged it off the the market wave action.  Then I logged into my AdWords account to make sure everything was still setup right.  And that’s when I saw the stats below.


Unfortunately with Google you  have no idea why something’s happen.  Is it a credit card payment problem?  Did I accidentally create an add that ran afoul of their censors?  I had no idea.  I just knew for days and days my ads were not running, and I was losing clients.

This morning I finally got an answer.  Google sent me an email 4 days after they stopped showing my ads to state that a hacker had tried to gain access to my account, and that they suspended the account until I jump through some hoops.


Now I have to sit on my hands and wait another 3 days for them to reactivate my account.  Which all told will deprive me of $1000+ in expected business…

When you  think of hacking, and protecting yourself from “hackers” remember that there is more to it then sending our viruses and penetrating firewalls.  You may be able to use “security” precautions to cause more damage to your target then a standard attack would do.


Eli the Computer Guy

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